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Originally Posted by Itac (chapter 366)I'll say it once more

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. Seriously though, now that Itachi hasn't been revealed as a gray character; I'm at a loss about the question. I don't really see the need to talk to Naruto about anything related to Uchihas controling the Kyuubi, there's no need for him to talk about that, he'll just do it if he wants to. I only wish to talk with you.

He probably wanted to see if Naruto could be considered a friend of Sasuke. I was sure he wanted to talk to see how capable he would be of saving Sasuke from what Madara has in store for him, but now that it turns out Itachi's the lunatic, I don't know what to guess. It must be something special. What interests does Itachi have with Naruto, besides controlling Kyuubi?Itachi:
Hey, before I extract Kyuubi and kill you, could you possibly tell me what you feed him with?


. shit, does this mean that Itachi won't be dying in this fight? How else is Naruto going to have TEH BIG SECRET revealed?

Nothing special or he would have said it before dies

Considering everything we just learned about the Sharingan and the Kyuubi.

So what could Itachijust want to talk about with Naruto?

I mean, after seeing this chapter, he mostly seems to crave for more power.

I'll say it again Itachi has come to beleive that Naruto is the perfect fight to test his container against

so he plans toi face Naruto in battle as soon as he gets eternal MS

i agree while he was a possible gray character there were manypossible meanings to his words, but now i dont know, he could have beat naruto before with out killing him and keeping kyuubi alive, but who knows
this also begs question about what kyuubi said to sauske, now that we know about the uchiha history, i doubt kyuubi was concerned for sauske losing his eyes, adn how would that relate to kiling naruto (i taking it by itachis act sauske has ms now otherwise why would he reveal everythign)

now i understand why itachi never got naruto, he was waiting sasuke to awake the ms to kill him and get his ms, so he can go after naruto and get the kyuubi only for him =.

Maybe you're right, but I still feel like it's something more than just that. And wanted to know why Sasuke didn't kill him. maybe he was trying to see if he can enter naruto's mind like sasuke did his and meet the kyuubi.

I think that he is trying to get Naruto close to Sasuke, so that if Sasuke doesn't have the Mangekyo Sharingan, he can can it quickly by killing Naruto, and then Itachi can simply kill him and get the EMS.=


I forgot about that. He must have found it grimly true and a little ironic. I don't believe he's just gonna talk to Naruto about how MS can control kyuubi and it's pointless to resist.

I like the example you provided.Originally Posted by Itachi (chapter 366)I'll say it once more.

Originally Posted by AdrianhammHe probably wanted to see if Naruto could be considered a friend of Sasuke.

I hope that was it.

This brings up the main point of this thread. Itachi was probally going to tell Naruto about the Kyuubi and Madara then the Mangekyou Sharingan needing two Uchiha to be perfect, then finish it with By the way Sasuke is on his way to kill me and I'm going to take his eyes, then take the Kyuubi then disappear into a group of crows.Not really seeing this happening.

Maybe he wanted to warn Naruto about Madara? I mean, if he wants to try to overthrow him, Itachi must also stop Madara from gaining the ultimate powe before himself.

well if itachi really intends to surpass madara then he knows that after he gets sasuke's eyes, he will have to get the kyuubi. And wanted to know why Sasuke didn't kill him.

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