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As I continue to read the manga I'm beginning to give up all hope of anytng byak

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but i agreed, with the exception of character development since i belief Kishi fail in so many aspects when he push all the other characters aside for the Uchihas.I don't particularly enjoy the hype or the attributes of the two bloodline limits that kishi has developed, but as a reader, i enjoy how he really creates drama and the characterizations and the development of each characters and how they fit into the plot-with the except of the hyuuga of course

this has been said before.

Fans will always be fans and soon they will like another characters who are much cooler than their previous favorite characters, I think as fans we have to respect Kishimoto for his hard working.Kishi has focus WAY too much on the renigan (however you spell it) and sharigan that he has completely neglected the byakugan.

Villains also don't get much of a backstory, if they do get backstorys then it is just for the plot.

Aside from my complains, i really do enjoy what kishi has done with the story.

Always the case with villains in mangas, they either die to early, or die to late

kishi's job isnt to please the fans, its to write the manga.

Ha I say this all the time, he favors the Uchihas.

Well let hope Kishi does do something with the byakugan.

i think the whole hyugga clan was to introduce such things as blood line limits and to show how compared to normal people neji is a badass and that is just a segway to show how much better the sharigan is simple and plain

Any hope for Hyugga is dashed.As I continue to read the manga, I'm beginning to give up all hope of anything byakugan related.

Originally Posted by Rob`what is gb?

Golden Byakugam.

themz iz fitin' wurdz

It is true that Kishimoto doesn't give the Byakugan clan much importance in the story.It was later hinted by that the sharigan originated from the byakugan and taht it is one of the three all-mighty eye technique in the narutoverse.

OK, my problem with the manga is not kishi has written off the byakugan or the hyuuga family, but that he's been way too superficial with the renigan and sharigan.

He let down Hidan and Kakuzu fans for sure, and I feel let down somewhat as a Deidara fan because I don't feel Deidara should be missing from the manga at this point, with rumors that he's dead going around.If he is dead, that is a real tragedy and waste, Deidara should have lasted through the whole story, and imo he should have lived, too.

he lets some fans down how bloody tragic! Can you name me any great artist that hasn't let a few fans down within his/her entire career?

Originally Posted by nakagos bunnyMaybe, I just wish they'd gotten better deaths, better fights and backgrounds.but he would have to get of off Sasuke's n*Ts first.

what is gb?

Originally Posted by ~RAGING BONER~Gay Bastardsbig fanclub full of fail

rofl, oh sh-.I'm soo glad that he writes the manga and not people like ya'll. He's all Naruto and Sakura think about to the point where he overshadows them.The power to transfer to another dimension? to control the all powefull 9-tails beast? to bring dead people back or transfer one's thought into some dead body and make themselves super strong?To have 6 different bodies? In my opinion, those attributes are not naruto-like at all because it cannot be explained how it can be done within the naruto theme boundary.

Kishimoto can't do everything what fans want,the main characters of the story are Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura so the story has to focus towards them not Hyuuga, not Shikamaru not Akatsuki.

And yeah I believe the sharingan has been to overpowered, if he can control the 9 tails then everyone should just give up trying.

Neji who?

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