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Face it Nine Tailed berserk Naruto beat the hell out of Orocmaru badly

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I think you get the point, right?There's no value in trying to credit people for causing things to happen indirectly.

Originally Posted by manwiththemachinegunThis isn't to take away from Sasuke's accomplishment at all.

And Sasuke is fighting a screwed up Oro. I don't care what kind of regen freak you are, you can't walk away from a beating like that without some kind of side effects.

You had me fooled

I don't doubt that the fight with MK has something to do with Oro's current state. But if Naruto fans can accept that Gaara was weakened by Sasuke's attacks during the war arc, than Sasuke fans should admit that Naruto's beating of Orochi contributed to his present, vulnerable state.Face it, Nine Tailed berserk Naruto beat the hell out of Orochimaru badly. until we see his true state in 343, barely hanging on and as Sasuke so perfectly put, drugging himself into a stupor and praying he can last long enough to take over his little container.So Sasuke has a lot of people to thank.

Though that might be expecting a bit much. Naturally the Thir'd's curse plays into this too, but Oro did much better against Jiraiya and Tsunade even though those two weren't at their best as well.

But as you said, Sasuke did it like a ninja should, even if it were chicken shit style, it's all good.

Gaara was weakened ?



It's not KN4, it's because he took Genryuumaru's body instead of someone like Sasuke or Kimimaro.

Everyone knows Oro got screwed by 4TK.

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