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I'm guessing Senju is her last name Now we know why she was ding her last Nam

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That's going to need an explanation.

Likely her husband would have been a mukoyoshi then, and adopted the Senju surname. Same reason we don't call Itachi weasel, or (insert Native Indian name) Flying Horse over Mountain or some whack shit like that.

This is why we call her Tsunade and not some whacked up translated English name. people would think she's a slut. You can't assume all the descendants between her and the Shodai were men though.

Indeed, Legendary sucker comes to mind.

Originally Posted by EdoWhat does that translate to? a hundred hands?

Does that mean anything?

she hid it because one can't be known as a legendary sucker and also have a name referring to handjobs.

If I am not mistaken, Tsunade means something along net hand too.appealing, he should've worked on that one a lil more.

The Second Hokage might have had kids too- maybe a daughter who married into the Namikaze clan perhaps? (Heh.

Originally Posted by YángThat would fit her, in my opinion.

Thousand Hands.)

But yeah it looks like her name is Senju Tsunade.

That doesn't really make any sense, though since Shodai's so-called bloodline limit is so elusive, not a single person since his birth in the Senju line has had it (his brother Nidaime, Tsunade and Tsunade's brother, among others).

Two hands in one name, you say? For most oriented Asian names (like Japanese and Chinese, not too sure about Korean), nothing make sense when you translate it into English. Can't let the bloodline that owned the strongest shinobi in the world go to waste!

Originally Posted by SolieyuShe needs to have kids quick before menopause.I'm guessing Senju is her last name?

Now we know why she was hiding her last Name

What does that translate to? a hundred hands?

Does that mean anything?

Also where dose Uzumaki clan and Minato's clan come to play?

Thousand Hands Tsunade. Her mother could have been the last Senju before marriage.

She needs to have kids quick before menopause.

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